Digital Audio

Our mission statement is to provide our customers who need sound and voice propagation a better, safer, and a more efficient public address management system and solution. We offering the regular public address and voice alarm products. Our advanced design concepts focus on networkability, modularization, and user-friendliness. “Empower the Sound” is our promise to create a greater value to our customers.

Order Solution


  • Easy operation. Can react and response quickly in emergency
  • High sound quality, can cover every corner of each terminal building
  • Can integrate to airport information system, fire system and building management system
  • Multi-language broadcasting and voice synthesis function at boarding gate
  • Can temporarily record voice via call stations and playback immediately in the event of emergency
  • Can monitor every component of public address system and report faults
  • Write operations and system errors in logs
  • Provide Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and can switch to power saving mode and switch back when needed
  • Shopping Centres:

  • Multiple audio sources for different zones
  • Integration of public address and voice alarm systems
  • Paging from central control room and information desk
  • Audio message broadcast
  • Intercom function between offices and security rooms
  • Quick error positioning
  • Automatic volume control
  • Commercial center E-Map broadcast control
  • Can detect errors on loudspeaker circuits